If you approach an ayurvedic physician about your diet first he sees about your internal fire i.e.Agni & your prakruti, and than only select diet according to your need your body type  and current imbalance is necessary to advice about the diet. Also when and how you eat, there are some rules according to everyone’s physiology .so we discuss about the summer.


Simply everyone has desire to take glass of icy water before lunch ,no doubt ,cool in simmering summer, a glass of ice water but be aware before you do this, Ayurveda is arguably a old science of health it never allow you to do so.

Reason is simple , ayurved says the fire burning bright inside which help in your digestive mechanism low down your fire after drinking ice water and caused mandagni(extinguish fire) ice has damped your metabolic energy , food stay long in stomach and require efforts to digest the food and it stay long in abdomen and cause fermentation and indigestion. On another hand if we plan to drink slight warm water with cumin seed it better cope with summer heat and removes all toxins in your body and make digestion better, this reduces bloating and heaviness and feels you cooler and lighter.


Make sweat digestive butter milk  from curd or yogurt with cardamom ,sugar ,rose water. In digestive butter milk dried ginger, cumin, salt, and black piper than before or with lunch take it because butter milk has a goodness itself having lacto bacilli with in and removes toxins and make digestion sure not take curd because it cause constipation in many peoples.

FOLLOW THE RHYTHM OF FIRESo according to this theory of ayurveda always look to your internal fire and get benefited by this law of nature an agni so one shloka is always said by the peoples where when we seats to usually take lunch in any spiritual proggrammes that is “Udar bharan nohe janite yagnya karma”so always consider your inner fire as yagnya and make yourself healthy


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